Douglas Guthrie I was born in Canada 1945 and grew up on the prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. When I was ten, an older friend took pictures and came back the next day with some small b/w prints. I asked how he did it and was given a tour of his darkroom. For me it was magic, and my life was never the same. I built myself a darkroom, and over the years several enlargers. I started photographing weddings, birthday parties etc. At university, more time was spent in the studio and darkroom than in classes. I became a school teacher and photographed for myself.

In 1973 we moved to Jerusalem to start a life here. My entry into photography in Israel was in the field of Archeology at Tel Gezer. For the last 35 years I've photographed for many of the institutions in Israel including: the Hebrew University; the Israel Museum; Museum of Islamic Art; Dept. of Antiquities; and most of the major institutions (Yad Vashem; Keren Keyemet L'Israel; Jewish Agency; Zionist Archives; JDC; and many others). The work in archeology and PR took me all over the country, to the Sinai in the south, to Susa, Iran, with Dr. Jean Perault, and many places in between. It was hard work, often in difficult or primitive conditions, and I loved it. Throughout the years I taught photography in high schools and privately.

Today I continue to photograph events for the institutions. I also teach private lessons, do restoration and repair work on old photos; photograph artists work for their portfolios; executive and studio portraits; commercial work; public relations work and special projects.